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Delve into our archive to see just some of those who have played here over the years. Help us fill in the gaps by sending us memories, clips and photos of your favourite gigs! [email protected]

  • 2018
  • 13th December 2018

    Liam Gallagher

    The Oasis legend performed a special solo gig to raise money for Shelter with a set that included a performance of 'Cast No Shadow' which he played live for the first time since 1997.

  • 29th June 2018

    Common and Kind

    "I was profoundly moved by this concert... A celebration of all that is good about humanity, all that joins us together, through music. Every possible genre was represented, from opera, to pop, orchestras, hip hop, reggae and world music, and performed impeccably by professionals, amateurs, children's and refugee choirs. It made me happy to be human, and in a year where racism, xenophobia and general hatred seem to be rife, where borders are getting stronger, and compassion seems to be weaker, it was one of the most profoundly moving evenings of my year." - Audience Member. This event won 2nd place in the Union Chapel gig of the year poll :-)

  • 27th May 2018

    London Contemporary Voices’ Women in Music

    A wonderful show voted best Union Chapel gig of 2018! Featuring Charlotte Church, Jesca Hoop, Maya Youssef, Deepa Nair Rasiya, and Káryyn, London Contemporary Voices led a night of celebration for women in music. The show featured female artists and composers, with all of the songs written and performed by female musicians, as well as most of the arrangements done by women in London Contemporary Voices.

  • 2018

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  • 2017
  • 2017

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  • 17th November 2017

    Brooke Sharkey & Blick Bassy

    This gig was the runner up in our poll of your favourite Union Chapel events of 2017. Two artists from different parts of the world making wonderful music.

  • 14th October 2017

    Organ Reframed: Low

    Voted Union Chapel gig of the year 2017! A remarkable event that gave “a sense that one was experiencing something extremely original and unique” - Union Chapel gig goer

  • 16th September 2017

    Union Chapel Anniversary Concert

    To Celebrate 25 years of gigs and 140 years standing we held a very special gig with no stage, no mics, hundreds of candles and help from some wonderful musicians: Arthur Jeffes (of Penguin Cafe) and friends, Luke Sital-Singh, Claire M Singer, London Contemporary Orchestra, East London Brass, Mara Carlyle, Union Chapel Singers, Boe Huntress

  • 23rd May 2017

    Luke Sital-Singh

    Luke Sital-Singh played a sold out show on the stage he used to hoover as a Union Chapel steward :-)

  • 2016
  • 2016

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  • 9th & 10th December 2016

    Kate Rusby

    Kate Rusby and her lovely Christmas show for two sold out nights at Union Chapel! Winner of our BEST GIG OF 2016 POLL :-)

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  • 7th - 9th October 2016

    Organ Reframed

    The first installment of Organ Reframed, a series of gigs of events designed to release the organ from it's traditional roots - in quite some style!

  • 17th September 2016

    Shaun Escoffery

    Lovely Shaun Escoffery played an absolute blinder and earned himself 2nd in our best gig of 2016 poll!

  • 24th May 2016

    Graham Nash

    Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills & Nash fame. Pretty cool!

  • 2015
  • 2015

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  • 14th December 2015

    Beth Hart

    One of the most honest and moving shows we've ever witnessed. We're still thinking about it. Voted best gig of 2015!

  • 26th September 2015

    Daylight Music 200

    Our very own Daylight Music got together for their 200th edition with Louis Barabbas, French for Rabbits and Ex-Easter Island Head (picture by Michael Jones). Always worth getting out of bed for, number 200 was magnificent!

    More about Daylight Music
  • 11th & 12th July 2015

    The Great Learning

    The Great Learning is a piece like no other, performed at Union Chapel with 100 participants from professional musicians to complete amateurs it was too evenings of barrier pushing, genre defying music, including the odd burst from our very own Organ.

  • 10th - 21st March 2015

    Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

    The lovely Banff lot stopped off at Union Chapel for a couple of weeks on the UK & Ireland leg of their world tour. They showed more films at the Chapel than ever before with so many highlights including the utterly lovely Tashi & the Monk.

  • 2014
  • 2014

    Your favourite gig of 2014!

    And your favourite gig of 2014 was...EMILY SANDE! An excellent gig in December, we were thrilled to have Emily at Union Chapel to support Shelter!

  • 2014

    More Gigs From 2014

  • 7th November 2014

    Little Noise: Jake Bugg & David Gray

    Lovely to see these guys come together to put on a great show!

  • 13th September 2014

    Simian Mobile Disco

    The act played their album Whorl in full, and the audience was buzzing.

  • 26th August 2014

    Daniel Rossen

    The Grizzly Bear member was in fine voice for his Union Chapel audience.

  • 10th August 2014

    The Moth

    The New York storytellers' first London appearance!

  • 9th April 2014


    The Icelandic star performed at Union Chapel for a very atmospheric evening.

  • 5th March 2014

    Ray Davies

    The former Kinks member "rock[ed] out his 60s classics and the soundtrack to his latest American adventures – and even joke[d] about getting shot." An entertaining evening for sure!

  • 2013
  • 2013

    Favourite Gigs of 2013

    We've compiled a list of your favourite performances of 2013, including Beck, James Yorkston, and Matt Cardle. Did your favourite make the playlist?

  • 2013

    More Gigs From 2013

  • 24th November 2013


    "Juvenile, nonsensical and utterly wonderful, this shouldn't work - but it does, and beautifully" -Hywel Roberts for Gigwise

  • 14th November 2013

    John Smith

    No, not the man from Pocahontas, but the talented folk singer from Devon!

  • 25th October 2013

    Gabby Young & Other Animals

    Red hair and good tunes. Thanks, Gabby!

  • 18th October 2013

    Hayley Westenra

    The New Zealand native and UNICEF Ambassador put on an incredible performance for hundreds of admirers.

  • 7th July 2013


    Beck's Grammy-worthy performance did not disappoint.

  • 4th June 2013

    Joshua Radin

    "It's just the greatest music. He's a really talented guy. He's like the new Paul Simon." -Zach Braff

  • 24th April 2013

    Edwyn Collins

    The "A Girl Like You" singer gave Union Chapel a great performance.

  • 2012
  • The entrance to Union Chapel

    2006 - 2012

    Back in Buisness

    After two and a half years our venue re-opens! The wonderful Little Noise Sessions, curated by Jo Whiley for Mencap are really a highlight of this period - a whole series of fantastic gigs for a wonderful cause.

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  • 29th November 2012

    Sam Lee

    The esteemed folk musician gave a performance to remember.

  • 16th November 2012


    The Swedish metal punk band played an unplugged show at the Chapel- quite exciting and extremely innovative.

  • 8th November 2012

    Ingrid Michaelson

    A fantastic gig that I wish I could have seen!

  • 19th September 2012


    The New Zealand singer's first London gig was a success for sure.

  • 26th June 2012

    The Pierces

    The American sister duo's unearthly performance captivated the audience.

  • 13th June 2012

    Suzanne Vega

    Not the star's last visit to Union Chapel!

  • 13th March 2012

    Jeff Mangum

    A wonderful performance with a stripped back set earned him 4/5 stars from The Guardian.

  • 2011
  • 21st December 2011

    James Yorkston

    The Scottish folk musician and singer-songwriter has always been, and always will be, a favourite of Union Chapel.

  • 4th November 2011

    Nitin Sawhney

    Asian-influenced jazz and electronica delving into themes like religion and politics- an amazing, thought-provoking evening.

  • 27th October 2011

    Ryan Adams

    American singer-songwriter Ryan Adams came across the pond and dazzled Union Chapel with his acoustic set and poetic lyrics.

  • 7th October 2011

    Lady Antebellum

    The American country music group serenaded the Chapel with their latest hits.

  • 27th September 2011

    The Civil Wars

    The band's acoustic music meshed well with the Chapel's own acoustics, which made for perfectly harmonious songs and a memorable concert for all.

  • 2nd August 2011


    "The acoustics of the chapel enhance Joel’s beautifully smooth and pitch-perfect voice." A memorable gig for sure.

  • 31st May 2011

    Thurston Moore

    A sold-out gig with two encores!

  • 4th May 2011

    Hugh Laurie

    Actor Hugh Laurie made his London debut performing as a jazz pianist.

  • 2010
  • 25th November 2010

    Elton John

    Just Elton and his grand piano - that's the kind of gig that doesn't happen every day!

  • 20th November 2010

    Ellie Goulding

    A year after opening for one of Mencap's Little Noise Sessions Ellie Goulding returned to headline her own solo show

  • 15th November 2010

    Little Noise: Ting Tings| Tom Jones | Lauren Pritchard

    Tom Jones like us! TOM JONES!

  • 15th May 2010

    Daylight Music: The Leisure Society

    The Leisure Society performing at Daylight Music for the launch of charity album 'Sing Me to Sleep - Indie Lullabies'. Daylight Music is our series of wonderful, free Saturday lunchtime mini-gigs - have a look at our What's On section to see what's coming up!

  • 21st March 2010

    Patti Smith

    "This was a truly extraordinary performance by a giant talent," writes The Telegraph, also giving her five stars!

  • 2009
  • 22nd November 2009

    Little Noise: Florence and the Machine | Golden Silvers | Erik Hassle | Ellie Goulding

    Florence and the Machine played a Little Noise Session in 2008 when they were first on. They returned in 2009 to headline.

  • 2008
  • 10th March 2008

    Laura Marling

    'Her angelic voice making the most of the chapel's acoustics' Betty Clark, The Guardian

  • 2007
  • 10th - 13th December 2007

    Penguin Cafe Orchestra

    A special series of performances marking the 10th anniversary of the death of Simon Jeffes - founder of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

  • 9th December 2007


    Featuring our Organ!

  • 12th July 2007

    Daniel Johnston

    Described by the Evening Standard as "...nothing short of breathtaking". Filmed as a live DVD this performance has lived on and Daniel Johnston came back to the Chapel too in 2012.

  • 18th February 2007

    Micah P. Hinson

    Not only did Micah P. Hinson perform some very beautiful songs he also proposed on stage to his now wife!

  • 2006
  • 29th November 2006

    Little Noise: Chris Martin, Lilly Allen, James Morrison and more

    A surprise appearance from Chris Martin and a wonderful set by Londoner Lilly Allen - who's Mum & Dad got married right here at Union Chapel!

  • 24th November 2006

    Little Noise: Amy Winehouse, Mika & Bat for Lashes

    Mencap's Little Noise Sessions are legendary gigs and perhaps this one most of all. Amy Winehouse on home turf and paying tribute to soul hero Donny Hathaway.

    Full set list
  • 2003
  • 2001 - 2003

    A bumper few years

    In 2002 Union Chapel was voted London’s favourite venue by Time Out readers, in no small part due to some classic gigs! Help us fill in the gaps and send us your stories about these gigs - email [email protected]

    More gigs from this period
  • 12th December 2003

    Procul Harum

    A thoroughly beautiful gig that remains Venue Manager Pete's personal favourite

    youtube video
  • 14th July 2003

    John Cale

  • 28th April 2003


    Beck's first performance here at Union Chapel (rather wonderfully he's come back to see us a couple of times!) filmed for BBC Four Sessions

    Youtuve video
  • 19th February 2003

    Damien Rice

    Also recorded and released as a live album

    Youtube video
  • 2002
  • December 2002

    Youssou N’Dour

    Another wonderful BBC 4 Session

    YouTube Video
  • July 2002

    David Byrne

    David Byrne - Recorded as a BBC 4 Session and also realeased a a live DVD

    Youtube video
  • 2001
  • 17th & 18th May 2001


    Two extraordinary sold out nights!

    Read the Music OMH review
  • 30th August 2001

    Tori Amos

    Youtube video
  • 2000
  • 1991 - 2000

    The Gigs Begin

    Union Chapel started doing gigs back in the early 1990s but we don’t have much info from the earliest gigs here. If you can help us fill in the gaps then please get in touch: [email protected]

    More gigs from this period
  • 1999
  • 12th September 1999


    One of the most legendary of Union Chapel gigs! As Maddy Costa of the Guardian said 'I'll still be talking about this when I'm 73'

    Read the full review
  • 1996
  • November 1996

    Mazzy Star + Sparklehorse

    Mark Linkous actually returned to Union Chapel again in 1997 & 2001

  • 3rd November 1996

    Guy Evans and Peter Hammill

    Where they were joined on stage by David Jackson and Hugh Banton for a one song, one-off reformation of Van der Graaf Generator

  • 1995
  • 16th December 1995

    Tiny Tim

    The American ukulele player's last ever European concert - he died after a heart attack on stage in September 1996

  • 1994
  • 10th Dec 1994

    Townes Van Zandt

    Townes Van Zandt, American Blues/folk singer-songwriter performed and recorded a live album at Union Chapel.

    More info