Help repair our clock

We need to raise £40,000 to get our clock ticking again!



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Our clock is right twice a day… With your help we can improve on that.

To get it back to full working order we have a lot of repairs to make, currently:

  • The case leaks, which has caused serious rust and not insubstantial organic growth
  • The dials are damaged and the clock face is in very bad condition
  • The actual clock mechanism (from 1952 when the clock was electrified) has completely stopped working

It’s repairable but we need to act now to save the clock for generations to come!

The project is a major one – we will make the clock case watertight, fix the mechanism and make the structure sound. We are hoping to begin works Autumn 2017.

Help repair our clock


Tower close up cropped

The History of our Clock

  • Union Chapel’s clock was made by Thwaites & Reeds in 1888 and was installed here when our tower was completed in 1889.
  • The original pendulum movement was replaced in 1952 when the clock was electrified.
  • The clock has two cast skeleton dials with hands that are run via a large bevel set of gears.


Union Chapel is a Registered Charity, number 1010166.


This project is supported by:

Heritage of London Trust