Your donations make a real difference

Union Chapel is home to five independent charities – You can choose which part of Union Chapel’s work you’d like to donate to:

Donate to repair Union Chapel’s clock

We need to raise £40,000 to get our clock ticking once again.


Donate to the conservation & development of this unique building

Union Chapel Project will put your donation to the care of this building and opening it up to as many people as possible.

broken stone work window

Donate to The Margins Project

There are lots of ways you can donate to this small charity which works with people facing isolation, crisis and homelessness.

margins veg prep

Donate to The Organ Project

Your donations will help support their programme of free concerts.

Organ stops

Donate to Union Chapel Church

Support Church events and charitable causes.

birds eye

Donate to Friends of Union Chapel

And help them support the The Music Outreach Proagramme 2016.

Kima purple - reduced

We need your Mugs!

Donate your mug and in return you’ll get a FREE cup of tea

We need your mugs narrow