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The audience sitting in pews at Union Chapel



All tickets are for unreserved seating in the original wooden pews. You will always get a seat and there are no really bad seats. There is no standing.

Occasionally ticket agencies may allocate imaginary seat numbers or issue standing tickets. This is a mistake on their part, it is always unreserved seating.

Because seating is unreserved it is best to arrive early, particularly if you want to sit near the front. Most people pop their coats down on a pew and then head up to the bar for a bite to eat and a drink.

We would ask that you kindly respect any coats, bags, cushions etc. marking seats. However, we cannot take responsibility for any items that go missing and all items are left at your own risk.

If you are disabled and have specific seating requirements please see the access guide for more information. You can also contact us [email protected] | 020 7226 1686 (Mon-Fri, 9.30am – 5.30pm).




We often only get timings for a show a couple of days before an event. Once we know them we will add them to the event listing.

On the day of a show the times will also be available as a recorded message on 020 7226 1686 and we will post the timings on our Facebook & Twitter pages on the day of a concert.

Our curfew is 22.30 so all shows should finish by this time at the latest.

Union Chapel Bar opens to ticket holders at the same time as the doors to the Chapel. It is open before, during and after the show.

Margins Café serves hot homemade food in bar at most gigs. They open with doors open and usually remains open until the food runs out or the end of the interval (if one is scheduled).




As seating is unreserved there is often a bit of a queue before doors open. There is just one queue for all types of tickets. It’s impossible to predict how long the queue may be but there is usually a bit of a queue before doors open. We recommend arriving early but there are no really bad seats, and you will always get a seat.

If you are unable to stand for long periods due to a disability, please have a look at our Access Guide.


Queue of folk waiting for a gig


Late Comers/Re-Entry

Generally speaking we have no strict latecomer policy and you are welcome to come and go as you please.

Occasionally though an artist will request otherwise, particularly if it is a classical performance. Please double check when you arrive or contact us if you are unsure: [email protected] | 020 7226 1686 (Mon-Fri, 9.30am – 5.30pm).



Age Restriction

Age restriction for entry to the venue varies for each event. Please check the event listing details for the event you are attending.

Our general rule of thumb is that Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. If this is not the case it will be stated on our website. Most comedy events are over 16s only.

Children aged three and over are very welcome, unless otherwise stated, but will require a ticket.

Babes in arms – children under the age of three, who will not be taking up a seat in the Chapel, do not require a ticket. However, we do ask that you are considerate of other audience members and leave the auditorium if your children become upset and might disturb the concert.

If in doubt about whether you need to buy a ticket for your child, please contact the Union Chapel office in advance: [email protected] | 020 7226 1686 (Mon-Fri, 9.30am – 5.30pm).




A cloakroom is available at the charge of £1 per item, subject to availability. It is located in the Kiosk in the foyer of the Chapel. We regret that we cannot accommodate bicycles, apart from folding bicycles.

The aisles must be kept clear at all times so if you have a large bag please use the cloak room.



Photography & Filming Policy

The photography policy can vary according to the wishes of the artist. Artists may request that there is no photography or filming and in this case we ask the audience to respect this.

Where there are no specific instructions from the artist photography on phones / small compact cameras is allowed but only without flash and for personal use.

Larger cameras, for instance SLRs or those with detachable lenses, can only be used people with photo passes. Photo passes are generally issued by the event promoters to accredited press photographers.

Likewise filming with professional standard equipment is not permitted without an appropriate pass.

However, we would also ask you to respect other audience members if you are taking pictures or filming as this can be distracting for those around you.

Photography or filming for commercial purposes in Union Chapel is not permitted without prior permission and appropriate passes. For all inquiries please contact the Union Chapel Office in advance: [email protected] | 020 7226 3750 (Mon-Fri, 10am – 6.30pm).




Our main stage lighting is LED and is in use at all concerts. Tea lights (small candles) are also used at evening concerts around the edge of the balcony.

Lighting levels in the Chapel are generally low and visitors can find it quite dark.

Occasionally strobe or strobe like effects may be used. If this is the case it will be signposted at the main entrance.

If on the night you have any concerns about the lighting in the Chapel please speak to a member of staff.



Food & Drink

Our fully licensed bar on the first floor serves an array of drinks. Please note that as it is still a working church there is no alcohol in the Chapel.

Soft drinks and hot drinks can be purchased from the kiosk in the Chapel.

Margins Café serves hot homemade food in the bar at most gigs.


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