Artist in Residence - Ayumi Konno

As part of Union Chapel's digital programme 'In Union', the Creative Action Club is a welcoming and inclusive space for people to start the thing they’ve always wanted to start. It’s a mix between a community skillshare, an art club and a side hustle incubator, but without any of the stress!

Over 4 relaxed weekly meetups we set a realistic goal, documented their progress, checked in on how it’s going, and celebrated when they achieved it. Simple as that.

The goal could've be anything from learning to draw to finally launching an online business, and they had a group of people hyping them up, helping find solutions to problems and sharing amazing work. We also gave the opportunity for some members to have a professional portrait photograph taken of them in action and we are working on delivering a paid workshop to share their new skill with the wider Union Chapel community.

The project worked with 20 members of the community on their creative goals and we hope to share some of their projects soon via In Union! Watch this space.

Please be in touch with [email protected] if you would like to hear more about our creative empowerement programem for the community.