The early years

Union Chapel was founded by just 26 local residents. It quickly grew!

  • 1799
  • 28th April 1799

    Foundation of Union Chapel

    The congregation is founded by a union of Anglicans & non-conformists – hence the name Union Chapel. A small group of Anglicans from the Parish Church of St. Mary's Islington, dis-illusioned with their worldly vicar, broke away and began to worship with a group of Nonconformists at 18 Highbury Grove. This new congregation numbered just 26 members. They chose to depart from the traditional hierarchical structures and language of the established church. Their founding principal was to make Union Chapel a ‘Friend for All’ - a principal that was enshrined in the Chapel's deeds and that continues at the heart of Union Chapel Church to this day.

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  • 1802
  • 1802

    Thomas Lewis appointed as the first full time Minister

    Lewis was Minister from 1802 – 1852

  • 1806
  • 28th August 1806

    The first Union Chapel built on this site in Compton Terrace, Islington

    At the time this Chapel was built Islington was a village of around 10,000. Church was a far from fashionable activity and the congregation was small. The only remaining part of this building is a carved lintel bearing the words Union Chapel which is now hidden in the bowels of the Chapel. You can come & see it on a guided tour!

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  • 1843
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