Union Chapel Church presents:

Culture Cafe

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    Wed 17 July 2019

  • Doors open at 11:00

  • FREE

  • Union Chapel, Compton Terrace, Islington, London, N1 2UN.

Entry Requirements: Adults 18+ only

Open Wednesdays 11am – 2pm 

Art, conversation and food for the middle of the week

A moment of respite in a busy week, Culture Café is a space for conversation and creativity in beautiful surroundings. Delicious lunches from £3 and free tea and coffee!

The Wheels of our Belonging: A Passing Place
From 11:00am

Our creative skills and expressions are like vehicles that help us to share where we come from, who we have become, where we’d like to be…

Join us in this interactive space of music, art and spoken word

As we break up before the summer, we count our blessings and look back on how over the season The Culture Café has been a creative meeting point where we have stopped and have spent some time in togetherness. Some of us stopping by every week, others every so often …


Delicious home made food from the Margins Cafe.  The Margins Project based at Union Chapel works with people facing homelessness and crisis.

Sit in peace or join the conversation, pop in on your lunch break or just for 5 minutes, it’s totally up to you.

Come say hello!

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