Union Chapel Church presents:

Culture Cafe

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    Wed 4 September 2019

  • Doors open at 11:00

  • FREE

  • Union Chapel, Compton Terrace, Islington, London, N1 2UN.

Entry Requirements: Adults 18+ only

Open Wednesdays 11am – 2pm

Art, conversation and food for the middle of the week

Times of loneliness can be uncomfortable….

Come and join us at Culture Café! People of all backgrounds are warmly welcome to Culture Café, a safe space for the exploration of different themes through conversation and creativity in beautiful surroundings.

Delicious home made lunches from £3 and free tea and coffee is also served, so you won’t go hungry!

Theme for September: Transition

The Equinox: Balance of Light and Dark
From 11:00am

As we begin to see the darkening of the leaves, the temperature gradually decreasing and the new school year beginning,  Culture Café kicks off the month of September with the theme of Transition!

We will begin September’s programme by considering the importance of  the balance between light and darkness. People often associate light with positivity whereas darkness is often associated with negativity and therefore something that should be avoided. However, even nature shows us there is beauty and wholeness in the two polarities – light and dark. Both forces are needed to create a sense balance, growth and peace.

As we welcome in the new season, come and join us in some sgraffito artwork to emphasis the beauty that the balance between light and dark can create!


Delicious home made food from the Margins Café.  The Margins Project based at Union Chapel works with people facing homelessness and crisis.

Whether you choose to pop in for a few minutes or the whole session all are welcome at Culture Café !

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