Theologising about migration in Europe

Union Chapel, as part of its Christian commitment to social justice, is aiming to work with others in developing relevant ways of theologising on migration in Europe.

Migration is a key feature of our contemporary world. The ease of travel, the globalised economy and perpetual inequalities and conflict result in the large-scale displacement of peoples.

Migration is a faith issue because:

  • The majority of migrants are also people of faith, be that a major religion or a smaller minority religious group. Some migrate explicitly because of persecution of their faith community.
  • Migration has a significant impact on the practice and experience of religion. Faith is a vehicle for maintaining and asserting cultural identity. It is a source of support and comfort. It is constantly changing in response to new contexts and migration impacts on the religious practice and experience of receiving communities too.
  • Migration can create disruption or conflict in communities with religious identity being exploited in a hostile and sometimes violent manner.


Union Chapel Church intend to explore some of these issues by:

  • Building a bibliography/library of resources
  • Holding small reflection and support groups for practitioners
  • Hosting a major conference at Union Chapel as the culmination/departure point for an in-depth conversation
  • Updating our website with occasional papers, reflections, liturgical materials and study materials for faith communities seeking to theologise on migration