Journeying into faith and beyond

Journeying into faith and beyond

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday - February 17th, 2021

Our Lenten theme reminds us that faith is a journey. It is a journey which leads us towards Christ and which takes us on new paths as people of faith.

Check out our Beginner's Guide to Lent

Sunday Meditation Themes

As Covid-19 infection rates continue to be high, our services will be on You Tube. If the situation changes, and we are able to resume services in the Chapel then we will update the website accordingly.

February 21st - Journeying into the Wilderness with Christ 

As Jesus fasted in the wilderness for 40 days, he was tempted by the devil who attempted to exploit his hunger, weakness and fear. It is at times when we are most tempted that we can learn to put our faith in Christ and follow his example.

February 28th - Peter's Journey of Faith

Peter’s journey with Christ represents one of the most radical transformations in the bible, from the follower he was before the resurrection and the leader he became after Christ had risen.

March 7th     - A Journey to the Temple

When Jesus drove out the money changers in the holy temple in Jerusalem, he demonstrated that he was not afraid to upset the authorities. We can find strength in Jesus to right wrongs and to question authority.

March 14th    - God Journeys toward Us

If Lent allows us to meditate on the journey that Jesus took in the days leading up to his resurrection, so too can Lent allow us to experience God’s journey towards us.

March 21st    - The Journey to the Cross

March 28th   - The Journey of the Dispossessed 

Lent Study Sessions

Our weekly study sessions take place on a Tuesday evening at 7.00pm on Zoom.


During Lent we will look at some of the 'walk-on' characters in the Passion Story. We will look at the part they play in the narrative and why the Gospel writers included them and the lessons we learn from them.

February 23rd - Pilate's Wife

Although unnamed in her only appearance in the Gospel of Matthew, Pilate’s wife’s attempt to intercede on behalf of Jesus is a striking example of the compassion Jesus’s plight could illicit, even from those in positions of privilege.

March 2nd    - The servant girl in the courtyard

March 9th     - The naked man

March 16th    - Barabbas

March 23rd    - The woman who anointed Jesus and the women who didn't.

Each day in Lent we will post a new reflection and church community members will tell their personal stories which led them into faith.


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