About us

Union Chapel is an amazing space. It is an architectural treasure that’s home to a working church, an award winning venue, a unique organ and The Margins Project for those homeless and in crisis in London.

It’s a rich community where people come to revel, to worship, to listen to wonderful music, to volunteer and to find help when they need it most.

Over the past 25 years the Chapel has gone from facing demolition to being Grade 1 listed and from being virtually abandoned to welcoming tens of thousands of visitors a year.

Union Chapel is now a vibrant hub of activity with a huge amount going on. There are six main groups based here all united by a love for this space and our desire to welcome people to it – we hope to see you here soon.

Union Chapel Project

Conserving this glorious building and opening it to as many people as possible.

Award Winning Venue

Completely independent and not for profit.


Union Chapel Church

An open community exploring and revitalising the faith in challenging times.


The Margins Project

Providing vital support services to people facing homelessness and crisis.

A guest at our Drop In. Photo by Daniela Sbrisny.
Organ Reframed

Our annual experimental music festival, Organ Reframed.

Friends of Union Chapel

An independent charity helping to restore and preserve Union Chapel.

Friends cleaning the stairs

Daylight Music

Our way of opening up Union Chapel to music lovers for free.