Volunteer with Margins

Rewarding volunteer opportunities working with people facing homelessness and crisis in Islington

We believe that people are best playing to their strengths certainly to start with. At our Winter Shelter there are jobs that are more operational and others that require good interaction with our guests. It might be that you prefer to make up the beds, or cook a meal either at the Chapel or bring it in, serve guests and then go and that is fine. Whilst others prefer to engage more with the guests and chat and do activities with them.

We also need volunteers to help with serving guests at our regular Saturday Daylight Music concerts, all money raised from the kiosk goes towards Margins programmes.

Volunteer at the: Night Shelter | Daylight Music

Lady getting tea

Volunteering at the Winter Night Shelter

The Winter Shelter, run in partnership with CARIS, starts in January and runs through to March providing up to 16 beds on a Wednesday night and a hot meal all with a warm welcome. Guests stay overnight and have breakfast in the morning before they leave and move on to a different church.

The focus in 2016 will be firmly on helping people towards sustainable lifestyles, working in partnership with the Pilion Trust, a great local agency providing expertise in benefits and housing.

Margins would love to hear from people who can help on any of the shifts that are planned on a rota basis. Some people do every week, others will do one shift and that is absolutely fine. Also people are welcome to do part of a shift if that suits people better.

Summary of the Shelter operations:

  • Evening shift 6.30pm – 9.30/10.00pm to help set up and make beds and give guests a warm welcome. In addition there will be a team of cooks each night preparing a delicious hot meal.
  • Night Shift 9.30/10pm – 6.30am usually 4 people required and one stays awake for a couple hours (sometimes two friends will do 4 hours and chat quietly/work).
  • Morning Shift 6am – 10am to make and serve breakfast, clear away beds, clean kitchen & showers and do washing.
    • Note: some people choose to do all three shifts together or for example, the overnight and breakfast shift.
    • Some do the evening shift and then the first stay awake session leaving around 1am- great for locally based night owls!

Winter Shelter Shift Details

To Volunteer or find out more email margins@unionchapel.org.uk