Meet the Ministers

Union Chapel Church is liberal, inclusive, non-hierarchical, and non-conformist.

It is with great delight that we welcome you to Union Chapel.

Whether you are just visiting us on the website or whether you are able to come to the chapel itself we hope that you will be inspired by the Chapel, its beautiful architecture and the life it holds within.


Karen in action

Minister Karen Stallard

We are a non-conformist church and we believe in progressive thinking which means we are committed to reading the bible with eyes and ears that are open. We like to listen to many voices, not just the ones which make us feel comfortable!

We want to be a church which thinks and allows people to think.

Union Chapel is a place where you can ask questions, express doubts and challenge your own traditions and cultural baggage. Church can sometimes feel restricting but the chapel allows people the freedom to be and think for themselves.

Church has been the catalyst for me to discover freedom within myself and a growing awareness of the gift of life which surrounds me every moment I live.
Karen Stallard

Come and join us one Sunday morning at 11am to find out more.

Contact: | 020 7359 4019


Vaughan Jones on stage

Minister Vaughan Jones


Becoming a Church MemberChurch Logo-2

Once someone has been worshiping at the chapel for a while they have the opportunity to explore becoming a church member.

We are run on non hierarchical lines in keeping with the congregational way. The church members are responsible for looking after Union Chapel. They make decisions about all aspects of the chapel’s life through the quarterly monthly church meeting. They elect the Deacons and appoint the Minister.

They are also members of Union Chapel Project, the charity which runs the venue hires, events, and The Margins Project within the building.

Church Membership Leaflet