Union Chapel Church

Union Chapel Church is liberal, inclusive, non-hierarchical, and non-conformist.


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We are a growing congregational church, which gathers every Sunday at 11am for contemporary worship.

Come to a Service

Our name, Union Chapel, derives from our founding statement. It reflects the fact that we welcome Christians of any denomination and are open to all.

All are welcome to attend our services regardless of race, gender, faith and sexuality.  At Union Chapel we recognise that everyone is on a different journey and so we welcome difference in belief and theological view.

Our values:

  • A church which is inclusive and accepting
  • A church which continually searches for God’s presence
  • A church which celebrates Christ
  • A church which doesn’t conform
  • A church which seeks to discover and promote love

Church Newsletter

The Congregation was founded in 1799 by members of St Mary’s, Upper Street who were unhappy with their church. Separating from the Church of England gave them freedom from imposed hierarchy and structures. The congregation grew and the first Union Chapel was built here in 1806. We have been here ever since.

Find out more more about the history of Union Chapel.

What is a Congregational Church?

We are Christians who worship in the Congregational tradition and we belong to the Congregational Federation. A Congregational church is free from hierarchy. We believe everyone who worships at Union Chapel has an equal say in how our church is run. It is our church members who make the decisions.

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What We Do

We seek to engage with the local community in many ways:

We also work closely with The Margins Project, Union Chapel ProjectThe Organ Project, The Friends of Union Chapel and the Union Chapel Singers. These independent groups are all based here, in our Church and we work together on many projects.

The New English Bible in Union Chapel