Cafe Training Programme

Our Café Training Programme provides an important stepping stone for people who have experienced homelessness and/or mental ill health but are in more stable housing and ready for next steps to employment.

Hard at work in the kitchen

Margins Cafe Training Programme trainees – class of 2014

Our programme has been running since August 2013. It is structured around an initial voluntary month where around 5 candidates learn basic catering skills and gain a Level 2 certificate in Food Hygiene.

Following on from the voluntary month a smaller group of trainees then go on to a further four- six months of paid supported employment. During this time they continue to train in various aspects of portering, cooking and serving food to the public at our numerous and varied Union Chapel concerts and events.

If you’re coming to a Union Chapel gig come early and eat our delicious food whilst enjoying a drink in the Bar. All food is prepared by our Chef assisted by our Café trainees.

Over their time with us trainees learn what’s involved in hospitality and professional catering from front to back of house. We focus on building our trainee’s self-confidence and generic work skills as a foundation of being ‘work ready’. We further support their progress by offering therapy, participation in a regular employability programme  and ESOL classes.

As part of constant development of the programme we’re developing new relationships in the community with colleges, restaurants and inviting professional chefs and other staff to share skills through masterclasses.


We often take on catering jobs from groups rehearsing or performing in the building or for private events. Please get in touch if you are interested. | 020 7704 9050